Advertising Sales Management professional with proven success building and leading business sales organizations to meet or exceed company goals. Experienced in high-growth and leading-edge startup companies. Provides powerful strategies to drive revenue and profit performance with the ability to consistently drive corporate success by conceiving, developing, and executing strategies to drive revenues, growth and competitive market positioning.


  • Head of Sales at BuySellAds

  • Founder at SnapMunk



  • Vice President of Sales at SitePoint

  • Regional Vice President of Sales at Gilt Groupe

  • Vice President of Sales at Webvisible

  • Director of Advertising Sales at SpotRunner

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Do or die. Find a way. Whatever it takes. Failure is not an option. These are the phrases that come to mind when I think of Natalie. If pitbulls were stylish, witty, charming and petite - while ripping their competitors to shreds - they’d still be unremarkable compared to Natalie.”
— Carla Fitzgerald - VP, Marketing at Smith Micro Software
Natalie is a strong leader in sales. With a very strong “can do” attitude she is not afraid of taking a challenge heads on in a fast pace environment. Her skill set includes a combination of strong sales skills, business acumen and people leadership. During her tenure at BuyWithMe she was able to deliver strong results in the markets she was managing.”
— Pedro Martins - Vice President of Operations at
Natalie is an fantastic sales leader. She made an immediate impact on our West Region, driving improved performance from her team from day one. Natalie has also provided significant strategic contributions to the sales organization, finding new ways to help us improve activity and penetrate difficult customer categories. Natalie’s unique ability to combine solution selling methodologies with creative problem solving makes her an invaluable member of any executive team.”
— Dan Gill - Head of Enterprise Sales at Leap Motion
Natalie is a highly motivated, results-oriented sales executive. She constantly strives to push her teams to think strategically and deliver the most value to all parties from every partnership deal. She possess a deep understanding of the advertising industry which allows her to bring new and creative opportunities to the company. Natalie’s leadership is founded on her integrity and strong relationships across all departments of the company. She is a true professional.”
— Amar Jani - Director, Sales Analysis at YP (Formerly AT&T Interactive)
If you were stuck in a cubicle laden with landmines and bombshells exploding all around you; reinforcements on resource and business objectives are scattered to the floor and the phone are ringing like sirens….there is only one heroine I would call to harness the bearing, tact, initiative, eagerness, understanding, courage and forward thinking to get the job done. Her name is Natalie Tarpinian—— ALIAS: Best In Tha Biz.”
— Dan Lougheed - National Account Manager at Yodle
Natalie is one of the most professional Sales Executives I have worked with. She understands business and the bottom line therefore making decisions that are best for the company as well as the employee. She can be strategic one moment and a hands mentor the next. She is a team player who always looks out for the best of all, not just herself. It was a pleasure to work with Natalie.”
— Veena Dua-Chillar - Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources at Myspace/Specific Media
Natalie is one of the best managers I have ever worked for, and with. She excels at inspiring and motivating, she is tough but fair, and she knows when and how to say the right thing at the right time to close a deal. I will run through a brick wall for Natalie and know the rest of her team would do the same thing.”
— Jason Nyhan - Client Development Specialist LexisNexis
Natalie is the consummate sales professional as she is forever looking out for the next new sales opportunity. She continually works on productive programs to improve the sales development of each individual on her team. Her passion and drive are relentless and a pleasure to have on the team.”
— Lisa Keogh - Director, Partner Management at Yahoo!
Natalie is a dedicated and detail-oriented manager with many years of experience in Advertising/Media Sales. Since becoming Director of Sales at Spot Runner, she has demonstrated leadership through her actions and sales strategy. It’s apparent to the team that she’s prepared to invest her time and effort to ensure that every Account Executive at Spot Runner surpasses their sales objectives time after time. This is why she has been the number 1 sales manager for the past 2 years at Spot Runner.”
— Azat Aslanyan - Vice President of Engineering at AEG
Natalie was a big reason why I came over to Buy With Me, if not the primary and lone reason. She saw something in me and I saw something in her leadership that few understand and look for. She is a hands off leader and lets her team roll with the punches. She is loyal and puts a lot of trust into her reps. She has stood up and been the face for her team like a true leader should. She listens and says the right things at the right time. I would love to continue to work with her in the future and I certainly plan on it.”
— Josh Racicot - Digital Specialist at CBS Digital
Natalie is the total package. She is an incredible leader, intelligent, sharp and personable. She has the experience and know how to motivate her sales team and deliver results as well. I have enjoyed getting to know Natalie and find her to be the consummate professional, loyal and dedicated to her team, her customer and her company. Natalie will be an incredible asset to any organization .”
— Lauren Hirsh - Business Development at Mingle, LLC
Natalie has consistently exceeded her goals while helping the company build it’s business and understanding of the market. Natalie manages several individuals ranging from senior to junior sales execs and does a great job of coaxing business and growth from both groups. I would highly recommend Natalie in any capacity of media Sales Management and Sales.”
— Jon Rosen - Executive Vice President at WirelessWERX
Working with Natalie was a great experience. Natalie always has a positive attitude and can find a solution to any problem. Natalie’s work ethic is unparalleled, she never stops working. Her reps love her and want to be successful for her. Natalie knows how to build a great team and an environment for success. Natalie is an asset for any organization.”
— Troy Steen - Senior Search Marketing Specialist at Dell
Working with Natalie was a great experience. Natalie always has a positive attitude and can find a solution to any problem. Natalie’s work ethic is unparalleled, she never stops working. Her reps love her and want to be successful for her. Natalie knows how to build a great team and an environment for success. Natalie is an asset for any organization.”
— Shawn Fago - Western Regional Sales Manager at Booker Software
Natalie was a breath of fresh air for the Buywithme sales team. A leader who understood the “killer” mentality that is essential for success in sales and also had an incredible understanding of what it is like working in the trenches in an extremely competitive space. The take aways that I received from Natalie will benefit me throughout my career and I would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”
— Christopher Curtis - New Business at Amazon
Natalie is one of those rare people - someone who manages a large number of diverse personalities each of whom are constantly demanding her attention - without losing her cool and also always seeking to grow and develop her direct reports. She has a wicked sense of humor as well as a great deal of business acumen - and knows how to strategically direct a sales organization.”
— Seth Baum - Managing Director at SoundView Media Group
In my work with Natalie, she has demonstrated incredible managerial skills by turning poor performers into successful salespeople in very short time frames. She is available to her staff and knows how to offer constructive input. She also knows when it’s time to manage someone out and handles it with incredible grace and dignity. I highly recommend Natalie for any Sales Management position and would be honored to work with her again.”
— Lori Dorn - Head of Human Resources at
As a research scientist, I had great experiences working with Natalie because she was willing to fully utilize our technologies and analytical resources to make sure that we have competitive advantage and close the deals. There were many occasions when clients asked for information that would require advanced analysis and she has been a highly effective communicator between clients, our sales team and analytics team.”
— Mark Kimura, Ph.D, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Hawaii at Hilo